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The QA Department structures incorporate the documentation and implementation of recommended systems in order to satisfy all of the KCAA and recommended industry practices such as the KCARS 2013 and any additional standards set by the Company.

Core Functions Of The Quality System

Skyward Express’ Quality Management System is an integral part of the operational and maintenance organization. In order to ensure objective monitoring‚ the Quality Manager and associated auditing functions are designed to be independent of the company’s operations and maintenance structure. Independence relates to:

  • Direct-line reporting;
  • The authority given to the auditor; and
  • Access to all parts of the organization.

Quality Assurance Audits & Inspections

The primary objective of the Quality Management System (QMS) is to proactively identify weakness by means of audits and inspections within all company audits in addition to third party contractors and suppliers.

Management Evaluation Meetings.

Every two months Management Evaluation meetings take place. The meetings are a comprehensive‚ systematic and documented review of all non-conformities that are uncovered by the audit process.