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Skyward Express is certified as an Approved Maintenance Organisation. This allows Skyward Express to control its maintenance requirements more effectively and efficiently.


SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance
Skyward Express has an agreement with an EASA approved Dutch AMO – SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance (SAMCO is also a Bombardier authorized service facility) to provide support for major maintenance required on both the Dash 8 and Fokker 50 fleet. They provide guidance and support for major items such as propeller overhauls/changes‚ major landing gear repairs‚ ‘C’ Checks and ‘D’ Checks amongst others at our bases in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and at Wilson Airport. Skyward Express’ agreement with SAMCO allows for the aircraft to be ferried to the Netherlands for major maintenance and repairs that would be difficult to carry out in Kenya.

Vector Aerospace
Skyward Express also has a maintenance agreement with Vector Aerospace
(approved by the Kenyan‚ Tanzanian and Canadian Civil Aviation Authorities) at Wilson Airport Nairobi for major maintenance and overhaul requirements for the Pratt & Whitney Canada engines that their aircraft are equipped with.


Skyward Express has invested in maintenance control software known as ADSOFT from ADsoftware‚ France. This software allows the maintenance department to function efficiently and have tighter controls.


Skyward Express has also invested in a web-based application developed by Fokker GKN Aerospace. This tool allows us to access direct information from the manufacturer such as spares‚ aircraft modifications‚ aircraft MRO‚ component repair and overhaul guidance‚ EASA ADs‚ airworthiness recommendations catalogue (ARC) among others.

My Fokker Fleet tool allows us to use the knowledge and expertise at Fokker for guidance on all Fokker maintenance issues – thus increasing the margins of safety within the Skyward Express Fokker fleet’s scope of operations.


The Stores department has been structured to reflect recommended industry practices. Appropriate segregation‚ storage according to manufacturer’s recommendations‚ quarantined items‚ parts control‚ tool control‚ stock inventories‚ etc.‚ have been documented and implemented.


Skyward Express has invested in ample regular and special tooling‚ aircraft parts and ground support equipment.
Easy access to the above has enabled the maintenance department to become more effective in its mandate.